With over 30 years of experience in custom cabinet making our customers trust us when it comes to choosing the right cabinetry for their home. From design, through production right to the completion at install, our staff is well trained and always give their best for you.

Your cabinetry will be unique and suiting your taste and needs. Arbor Valley Cabinets has some unique features that are offered at no extra charge.

You can choose between metal and wooden drawer with integrated soft-close as well as three standard interior colors.

Further our shelves are 1" thick as well as the tops and bottoms of upper kitchen cabinets. The inner depth of our uppers is 12" to allow you to store your dinner plates in them. To ensure highest durability and quality of our finishes we use Poly-Urethane which is much harder than a traditional lacquer, water resistant, nicer to the touch and has a beautiful satin look to it.

As a custom manufacturer we produce our own doors, moldings, boxes, wooden and solid surface counters, fan hoods and even our very own wooden drawer system called "Elegante". Within our very own paint lab we custom match and create new colors.

i-Integrations © is unique to Arbor Valley. Within our manufacturing process we integrate diverse technology making your cabinetry more complete. LED lighting is drilled and wired in seamlessly, TV's become doors and outlets are retractable, just to name a few.